Bytedex Launches BEXT Stake Platform Today!

Bytedex launched ambitious staking platform today. A new model will be shared with crypto community by Bytedex Ceo Ismail Köseoğlu

ByteDex considers its project to be an ecosystem, consisting of several key parts that when brought together align to become an idealist trading model providing a range of benefits either in the form of rewards, or simply inherent in the benefits of the new model.

In development for several years, the project is almost fully live with regards to its first phase goals, and has even surpassed a few.Alongside the list of features unique to ByteDex’s exchange in conjunction with their token and wallet, the team aims to solve issues facing mainstream models by making use of the positive aspects of centralised and decentralised models alike and using them to solve the negative aspects inherent in their models’ counterpart. The idea is to standardise the future of crypto trading in such a way that maximises utility, functionality, faces no payment processing limitations inherent in models with no central authority and puts cryptocurrency assets and their security directly in the hands of users

Currently Bytedex launches Bytedex Stake platform with another unique staking model to encourage community engagement in th Bytedex Ecosystem. With Bytedex BEXT token users can be able to stake bytedex main unit BEXT tokens on staking platform and they will get daily BEXT reward backed by Byte Exchange net income up to%50. This is first of it’s type in the world as a crypto exchange offers rewards by cutting off it’s gains.

There is no APY in this model but a direct buy back operation on daily basis by Byte Exchange to distribute BEXT Tokens to users who are staking. In that matter users become a direct gainer from Byte Exchange.

There are several staking options on Bytedex Stake Platform

Different staking options offers different BEXT token rewards according to period staked and the BEXT Token amount to be staked. As many tokens staked in long periods users will get the higher BEXT token rewards.


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